It is essential that people who visit Aboiteau Beach respect the recommendations of New Brunswick’s Chief Medical Officer of Health. That is, to avoid going out in public if you experience symptoms of COVID-19, respecting a physical distance of 2 metres, frequent hand-washing and wearing a mask when it is impossible to maintain a physical distance.

In order to facilitate the practice of these recommendations, it is important to work together. That said, the Village of Cap-Pelé has reorganized the set-up at Aboiteau Beach and has modified the services offered.

For more information about the coronavirus and the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Health, please visit the website: www.gnb.ca/coronavirus 

  • A poster on good hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and physical distance must be placed at the common entrance;
  • Stickers on the floor will indicate where the public must stand in line;
  • The occupancy capacity in washrooms have been reduced in order to facilitate social distancing;
  • No shower will be accessible for the time being;
  • Several hand sanitizer stations will be installed on the patio;
  • No outdoor tables on the lower deck to facilitate social distancing;
  • A disinfectant dispenser will be installed at the restaurant and at the administration;
  • Washrooms must be cleaned and disinfected every hour the Beach Center is open;
  • Hand-washing posters will be installed in the washrooms;
  • An hourly cleaning control sheet will be completed in the washrooms;
  • The restaurant will have the possibility of installing on the first floor a maximum of 4 tables inside.

This web page was revised on May 22th, 2021.

Please check www.aboiteaubeach.ca before your visit, as information and procedures may change daily.