Two young sisters jumping in the water at Aboiteau Beach 
Two young sisters jumping in the water at Aboiteau Beach 
Respect is required at all times

  • Alcohol, drugs and all other substances are prohibited at the Aboiteau Beach. All intoxicated people will have to leave the site.
  • Pets are not allowed at the Aboiteau Beach. This rule does not apply to service dogs.
  • Bonfires and fireworks are prohibited
  • Pollution is strictly prohibited at the Aboiteau Beach, waste must be thrown in our recycling stations.
  • Nudism is strictly prohibited
  • ATVs are prohibited
  • Camping is not allowed on the beach and in the parking lots.
  • Our dunes are essential to the survival of our beach in the face of erosion. This is why it is strictly forbidden to damage them. Do not walk, dig or play on the dunes.
  • Respect our fauna. Do not feed the birds.
  • The beach staff reserves the right to prohibit sound systems if the volume is too high and any other object that could harm the tranquility of our beach.
  • Following the law on smoke-free places of the province of New Brunswick, smoking is prohibited on outdoor terraces where food or alcohol is served as well as less than 9 m from doorways, windows and air intakes in public buildings; in outdoor playgrounds and less than 20 m from them; in outdoor sports and leisure areas, which includes bleachers, and less than 20 m from these areas (examples: swimming pools, beaches, ball fields, etc.); on a public walking trail and less than 9 m from the trail.